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    Petra has recently qualified as an NHS accredited Well-being Coach and focuses on stress management, using relaxation, breath work, meditation, mindfulness and other techniques to activate parasympathetic nervous system. She teaches people how to activate relaxation response on purpose. Petra delivers workshops (recently for University of Nottingham staff) and works 1:1 online. 


    Petra has been interested in natural healing and eastern philosophies since she was a teenager. She took part in Reiki healing course (stage 1 and 2) in Prague before she moved to the UK. After relocating to England she studied Body Mapping with Lisa Marsh and other specialists (mainly online from the USA) to understand postural alignment and anatomy in movement for her piano practice and teaching. Her interest in yoga has led her to pursue a DRU Yoga Teacher Training Course in Snowdonia (2015 - 2017) and Petra fully qualified in 2019. She further explored meditation and mindfulness as a CPD, alongside a first stage of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. 

    This has led to realisation that human psyche with a particular emphasis on mental health and well-being is what Petra wants to do in the future. She has decided to pursue her passion further and study master's conversion course in Psychology of Mental Health and Well-being from September 2023. 

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